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INTRO 2017电子音乐节(北京)
2017年5月28日 星期日 14:00 至 23:00
主办方: 北京麦爱文化传播有限公司 更多活动

价格: ¥200 - 280

INTRO 2017电子音乐节(北京)

价格: ¥200 - 280

INTRO 2017电子音乐节(北京)
2017年5月28日 星期日 14:00 至 23:00
主办方: 北京麦爱文化传播有限公司 更多活动

价格: ¥200 - 280

INTRO 2017电子音乐节(北京)

2017年5月28日 星期日 14:00 至 23:00 天下第一城

价格: ¥200 - 280

时间 地点

2017年5月28日 星期日 14:00 至 23:00

天下第一城 天下第一城


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INTRO 2017电子音乐节(北京)






     从INTRO 2009电子音乐节在首都北京初次亮相,到INTRO 2016电子音乐节首次登陆上海, 8年时间,INTRO音乐节已经成为国内历史最长、最具影响力的电音盛事!参演艺术家包括国际大牌电子音乐艺人Chris Liebing, M.A.N.D.Y.,Italoboyz, Shin Nishimura,Robag Wruhme, DOP,石野卓球, Josh Wink, OXIA, Sodeyama ,Gui Boratto,Christian Smith, Octave One,KEN ISHII,TIC&TAC,DJ KOZE,LAWRENCE,KEVIN SAUNDERSON,BICEP以及众多国内外优秀电子音乐艺人、视觉艺术家等超过三百位,参加总人次接近六万人。在当代中国呈现着最先锋的电颤文化景观。


2017年5月28日,INTRO2017电子音乐节(北京)将在中信国安第一城隆重举行!INTRO是所有电音爱好者的盛会,它曾经带给我们无数美好的记忆,让我们一起期待这一年一度的电音盛会:INTRO 2017

From the very first time INTRO appeared in Beijing in 2009, to 2016 when INTRO first made it to Shanghai, it’s been 8 years, INTRO Electronic Music Festival has been the most influential electronic music event with the longest history in China. Over the years, we’ve seen some big names on the lineup including Chris Liebing, M.A.N.D.Y.,Italoboyz, Shin Nishimura, Robag Wruhme, DOP, Takkyu Ishino, Josh Wink, OXIA, Sodeyama, Gui Boratto, Christian Smith, Octave One, KEN ISHII, TIC&TAC, DJ KOZE, LAWRENCE, KEVIN SAUNDERSON, BICEP and many more domestic and foreign outstanding electronic musicians and visual artists. Over 300 artists have given their performances, and over 60 thousand audience have been to INTRO over the years. This is no doubt the most avant-garde electronic music cultural landscape in modern China.

INTRO Electronic Music Festival has made the world understand China, and also given China’s modern young generation the way to express themselves. INTRO makes people with different races from all over the world gather together for one reason--electronic music. We tear off our disguise, leave our troubles behind and just dance. INTRO makes all of us feel the love and peace expressed by electronic music, also it gives electronic music a meaning, which totally affects young people’s understanding of life. Through domestic and international media coverage, INTRO’s made China an emerging country on the world map of modern electronic music development. Also, it builds an effective communication bridge between Chinese electronic music artists and international electronic music industry.

After lots of preparation, we announce that on May 28th 2017, INTRO 2017 Electronic Music Festival (Beijing) will be held in Grand Epoch City! It is an annual event for all the electronic music fans! Look back and see the beautiful memories it brought us...Let’s celebrate this one together--INTRO 2017!


INTRO 2017主舞台强大阵容:



UVB是法国DJ和制作人Sébastien Michel的艺名。他带着对音乐的热情成长起来,从2009年他第一次决定开始制作起,他便专注于电子音乐。期间,他开始和他的录音室伙伴Jean Redondo一起用“Daxyl”的名号开始实验不同的音乐类型,这塑造了他对原始、强硬音色的品位。
UVB is the pseudonym of the French DJ and producer Sébastien Michel. In 2014, he released is first EP on the Rotterdam based label MORD, followed by the double pack « Second Life » that have both been supported by some of the biggest names of the Techno scene such as Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Tommy Four Seven. As for now, UVB is working on new music in preparation for the launch of his own label “Body Theory” and delivers his own vision of Techno through the numerous DJ gigs he is playing around the world.


One of the leading names in Paris’ contemporary scene, Zadig is one of the main forces responsible for the return of the City of Light to worldwide prominence as a centre for forward-looking techno. A participant in the ‘90s French rave scene in the hardcore and acid days, Sylvain Peltier found his true inspiration with the arrival of Mills, Surgeon, and Beltram and labels like Tresor, Lost, and Synewave and the techno that his style remains rooted in to this day.


DJ, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Virginia has been deeply involved in electronic music for over a decade. Growing up in Munich, the talented, energetic and dedicated artist quickly found her feet in music. Her career kick-started in the late 90s thanks to a wave of early hit singles, and she soon began to tour as a DJ, discovering a real passion for life in front of the crowd.

Nikita Zabelin

在一张正在打开的俄罗斯电音地图上,Nikita Zabelin是一位领军旗手。这位年轻的制作人、声音设计师,是Nina Kraviz “трип”厂牌第一批签约制作人之一,也是拉开俄罗斯电音大幕的Megapolis广播电台“Resonance”节目的主持人。Nikita早期受到德系Minimal Techno的极简影响,而现在,他是有着自己的声音的艺术家。他的声音领地在莫斯科建造,带着冰冷,工业的味道。
One of the forwards on an unfolding map of Russia is Nikita Zabelin, a young producer and sound designer, who is one of the first artists of Nina Kraviz’s трип label and hosts his own radio show Resonance on Megapolis FM that is responsible to open new Russian electronic scene.

DJ Paypal

DJ Paypal是一位舞步制作人。他出生于北卡罗来纳州,现住在印度,因为不想被名气所拖累,他选择每次现场演出时都把脸遮住。他在2015年发行的首张专辑《Sold Out》被媒体和市场都给予了超高的评价。
DJ Paypal is one of footwork's most fascinating figures. His take on footwork is kaleidoscopic and vivid, expanding on the Spinn and Rashad template for a new wave of footwork that looks backwards and forwards in equal measure. His Mall Music label is home to some of footwork's most idiosyncratic voices, including DJ Mastercard and his lush sci-fi funk, and the whiplash mixtapes and a new album from DJ Orange Julius. Growing increasingly obsessed with jazz, funk and soul music, Paypal's latest, Sold Out, has brought him to Flying Lotus’ imprint Brainfeeder, showcasing what he can do at 160 BPM.


Mike Q

提起Ballroom和Vogue那一定会大声的喊出MikeQ的名字!MikeQ “Fade To Mind|Qween Beat”是一位美国新泽西的艺术家兼ballroom/vogue-house文化的领军人物。
MikeQ, (Formally DJ MikeQ) one of the leading figures of the East Coast's long-running (but still largely underground) ballroom/vogue-house scene. Based in New Jersey, the 26-year-old producer is not only one of the most in-demand ballroom DJs, but he also heads up his own Qween Beat Team and turns out a steady stream of vogue and ballroom tracks, re-edits, and remixes. 


Mickey Zhang:

凹凸文化首席DJ及制作人,著名电音派对“炎”制作人之一,足迹遍布欧美、日本以及国内等各大电音俱乐部。其音乐风格充满张力,现场混音极富感染力,被誉为中国最好的techno DJ。
Born in northwest China's Ningxia. He grew up in an art family, the father is a Peking Opera actor, the mother is a national singer, and his brother is a stringed instrumentalist, in such a strong artistic atmosphere under the influence of MICKEY 11-year-old was admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy, Year-old in the dance academy. After graduation, according to the national distribution to Zhuhai, Guangdong dance troupe, because Zhuhai and Hong Kong geographical location is very close, became the first domestic and overseas cultural contact place. MICKEY there for the first time to feel the charm of dance music, and with one year after the dance company, completely into the DJ industry.

Weng Weng:

从中国打气工厂,新千年金山岭长城派对,丝绒俱乐部,FM俱乐部,到“针刺疗法”厂牌,INTRO电子音乐节,以及灯笼俱乐部…WENG WENG在北京电子音乐发展的各个时期起着重要的作用。
Beijing well-known electronic music, AcupunctureRecords ("acupuncture therapy" audio brand), INTRO electronic music festival, lantern club main founder. WENGWENG is committed to the development of electronic music in China for many years, who is also artist, event planning, club management and other multiple identities. From the Chinese air factory, the new millennium Jinshanling Great Wall party, velvet club, FM club, to "acupuncture therapy" brand, China's first large outdoor electronic music festival INTRO, and lantern club ... DJ WengWeng (WENGWENG) Music development plays an important role in various periods.

Yang Bing:

DJ Yang Bing被誉为中国电子舞曲最优秀的DJ…他一如既往以敏锐的艺术触觉、不断突破的音乐理念、对声音的独特诠释,精湛的现场演出,在每个时代赋予中国电子音乐新风潮。从disco广场的时代到现在的club时代,Yang Bing无疑是中国夜生活,前卫文化中恒久灿烂,无与伦比的超级巨星,可以说Yang Bing的DJ成长史就是中国电子舞曲文化的发展史…..。
Yang Bing is praised as the first person in Chinese Electronic Music field, known as The Chief DJ of China. He's got over 20 years of DJ experiences, from New York to San Francisco, from Rio to Amsterdam, from Berlin to Vienna, from Zurich to Lausanne, from Tokyo to Singapore...With the splendid experience of his world tour for 14 years, Yang Bing's experience is basically China's Electronic Music Culture's development history.


在过去十年里,Dead J一直是北京电子乐场景里响亮的名字之一。早年掀起北京电子新生代浪潮的他,如今将以本名邵彦棚重新开始。
2015年,邵彦棚成为了柏林Techno传奇Tresor签约的第一位中国艺术家,一举将自己的美学理念带入了世界电子音乐的暴风中心,接连发行黑胶Tresor 280. ,并完成了电子音乐节ADE(阿姆斯特丹电子音乐节)的邀约演出。
Shao began making electronic music in 2002. his music explores the relationship between sound and space. Tensions are interweaved with restrained emotions, and a sense of space running through the movement, can be felt - calm, solid, yet highly impressive. His live audio visual set have been invited to perform in festivals across China mainland as well as at international festivals in Macau, India, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Norway and Netherlands. In 2015, he signed legendary techno label Tresor records, as the first Chinese artist to enter the label's star-studded roster, and released new EP Doppler Shift Pt.1.


美籍华人视觉艺术家FADER曾经为在首钢的INTRO2013设计了超炫的飞碟舞台,以及INTRO2016上海站的舞台设计,此次再次担纲INTRO2017北京舞台主设计。同时中国顶尖视觉艺术家马鑫 (Noizome)等将利用奇妙的视觉元素展现INTRO电子音乐节独特的魅力!


American born Chinese visual artist FADER once designed a stunning UFO stage for INTRO in 2013. This time, he comes back again and becomes the main designer for the stages of INTRO 2017. At the same time, Chines top visual artists Clockwork Q and Noizome will show the unique charm of the INTRO Electronic Music Festival to everyone with fantastic visual elements.

The sound is the soul of electronic music festival. INTRO 2017 will use the top line array sound system of British Turbosound, twentyfour TFS-900B subwoofer and up to 32 full-frequency array, will make the strong sound of electronic music shock every cell of your body!

Bass Stage 低音舞台强大阵容:

Asian eyez:

在苏黎世电子乐圈没有一个人没听说过这个名字。她是一个多身份,合作的音乐艺术家 Asian Eyez (Lhaga Koondhor)是House of Mixed Emotions的, 然后她是邀请在Longstreet很多出名的DJ,比如DJRashad, DJ Spinn, J- Cush, Nguzunguzu, DJ Nigga Fox, FKA Twigs 和 Kanye West 的producer Arca at H.O.M.E.
她的音乐对"wifey, Tumblr , facebook instagramsocial me挑战苏黎世艺术和音乐界。
Anyone involved in the Swiss club scene beyond mainstream techo events will undoubtedly have come across this name before. And always in different arrangements, under different guises and identities, on various platforms and in collaboration with producers, musicians, photographers and artists with whom she is friends. Asian Eyez, her real name Lhaga Koondhor, pops up as the booker of House of Mixed Emotions, and few would miss her invitations to a guest set at Longstreet in Zurich. And as a DJ- Asian Eyez has swiftly gained a small but devoted fanbase, among whom Why Be and Total Freedom can be counted. Which makes sense too, because they share with them a love of 90s R&B, Sinogrime and the future sounds of club music: Footwork, Kwaito and Future Base-Tracks. 


早期曾深受UK Garage,Future Garage, Grime, Jungle以及2-Step的影响,开始对Bass以及Garage Music产
生浓厚的兴趣, 从他的set中你会听到很多不同元素的音乐,从Deep Dubstep, Riddim, MidTempo到Trap,Drum&Bass以及Chinese Rap,Shackup坚持以Deep Music for Deep Head的准则认真做每一次演出。这也为他赢得了为世界顶级大牌如Digitalism, Peter Hook, Kode9, DJ ZINC, Jimmy Edgar, NickZinner, Surkin, Slugabed, Dismantle, Jahcoozi, Doshy, Noise等暖场的机会。

Weaving trap, juke and dubstep, shackup's sets are more than just a collection of songs; there's a strong sense of identity there, it's no wonder, then, that he gets booked to play alongside major international visitors. Whisked away from China to the UK at the tender age of 16, Shackup was soon influenced by the bass-driven sounds of UK garage, grime, jungle and2-step. This distinctly urban legacy continues to shape his DJ sets, blending a funky dancefloor vibe with a gritty inner-city palette. While the flavors range from deep dubstep, rid dim and future beats to trap, drum’n bass, footwork and juke, Shackup always sticks to the motto “deep music for deep heads”

Puzzy Stack:

自幼学习京剧的他凭借着对音乐极强的理解力于2013年在北京开始他的DJ之旅,并与好友Bloodzboi创办每周一次的低音派对。仅一年间,他就已经在 Dada Bar,Lantern Club 等多家主流,地下俱乐部演出并受到多名知名DJ的肯定。

He learned Beijing Opera when he was young. With his great understanding of music, he started his DJ journey in Beijing in 2013 and set up a bass party with his friend Bloodzboi every week. In only one year, he's played in Dada, Lantern and many other mainstream underground clubs. 


luxixi现居北京,是奇怪的音乐收藏家。在北京的地下club场景中,Luxixi正逐渐成为一个成熟的DJ符号,穿梭在Grime、Uk Bass、Club Trax、Jungle及Uk Garage的混音中,Dancer经历让她对节奏有不同理解,认为音乐是保存情感记忆的介质。在她的set里能听到不同寻常的律动及新鲜有趣的声音。身为派对厂牌THUVDR的主理人将在今年为北京带来世界各地的先锋制作人。

Luxixi is a collector of sounds and an up-and-coming staple of Beijing's underground club scene, who boldly explores diverse territories such as Grime, UK Bass, Club Trax, Jungle and UK Garage. Her previous experience as a dancer has helped her develop a very personal understanding in rhythm. She believes that music is a medium where sentiments are saved. Her sets are best known for their unorthodox beats and surrealistic soundscape. As the head of party label THUVDR, Luxixi is ready to bring an international wave of avant-garde producers to Beijng.




INTRO attaches great importance to the diversification of electronic music forms, bass stage music style shall never be forgotten, covering other types of electronic music for different music taste of electronic enthusiasts to provide more choices.

INTRO 2017, six bass music master will join forces in the bass stage with electronic music enthusiasts in the Grand Epoch for nine hours.

INTRO 2017 MAIN STAGE LINEUP(Starts from 2pm):







Date&Time 日期与时间:

May 28th ,2017, 14:00 - 23:00


地址(Location):天下第一城 Grand Epoch City



Jing-Ha Highway Xi-Ji(西集) Exit - Forward south 9 km arrived Xianghe Grand Epoch City(天下第一城)

Shuttle Bus(往返大巴):

Buses start on 12:30 – 15:30

Beijing Language University East Gate + Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center West Gate从朝阳区北京农业展览馆西门+北京语言大学东门两地顺序发车

Buses Back on 21:30 - 23:30

Stop to: Worker Stadium, Lantern Club 工体,灯笼俱乐部

Bus Ticket(Round往返): 60RMB(Buy before take the bus上车前购票)

How To Buy Tickets/如何购票

Presale tickets /预售票: 280rmb

On-site tickets /现场票: 380rmb

Available at the entrance upon arrival, cash only/现场购买,仅收现金

After party at Lantern club :

INTRO门票或INTRO手环参与灯笼俱乐部After party只需付50元门票,现场100元

(50 rmb with INTRO tickets to after party at club Lantern, at door 100 rmb.)

Online Tickets/网上购票: